21/10/2020, The Pacific Institute of Resource Management,
Wellington, New Zealand

Kia Ora/Greetings Colin Peacock and Radio New Zealand on Sunday

Your interview with Professor Nye on Sunday, 18 October, once again showed you still avoid acknowledging the many US-led wars and crimes against humanity in the 21st century. When Prof Nye remonstrated that President Trump was not using “soft power,” why not ask about former President Obama and his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, initiating illegal wars on Libya, Syria and Yemen? Where was “soft” power then? In these countries, as with earlier, still ongoing US-led wars on Afghanistan and…

1 November 2019

To: The Operation Burnham Inquiry
New Zealand

Submission by Kay Weir — The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Wellington.

The Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM) is a voluntary organisation founded in Wellington in 1984, dedicated to principles of peace, ecology, justice and sustainability. We make submissions to government on a variety of issues and have published a journal, Pacific Ecologist.

On Friday 18 October 2019 at the Operation Burnham enquiry, NZ military personnel and former Minister of Defence, Dr Wayne Mapp had great difficulty admitting under expert cross-examination by Q.C. Kristy McDonald that there were…

16 July 2019

Submission by Cliff Mason

The Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM) welcomes the opportunity to comment on this Bill. PIRM is a long-established organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable use of the earth’s resources. It publishes the occasional journal Pacific Ecologist. We have made frequent submissions to government on Climate Change issues over the last 20 years including submissions on New Zealand’s Climate Change Target (3rd June 2015 and 31st July 2009) and Emissions Trading (26th February 2009 and 28th May 2007). These and other Submissions are available on our website (www.pirm.org.nz).

The Institute is pleased to…

22 February 2019

Prime Minister, Rt Honourable Jacinda Ardern
Parliament Buildings, Wellington
New Zealand

Letter by Kay Weir

Dear Rt Honourable Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Rt Honourable Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters

Firstly, thank you Prime Minister for your splendid work to help create a more equitable society in NZ, no easy task when so much needs to be done. And congratulations on your ground-breaking talk at the economic forum in Davos, being invited to discuss the NZ government’s great initiative, the well-being economy. Drawing attention as Prime Minister of NZ, at this time in history to the need…

13 January 2020

Excellency, Ambassador Mr Mohammad Reza Mofatteh
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
PO Box 14733, Kilbirnie, WELLINGTON

Letter by Kay Weir

Your Excellency Ambassador Mr Mohammad Reza Mofatteh

I am writing to express my deepest condolences over the accidental downing of the Ukrainian passenger jet in Tehran on January 8, and also America’s shocking drone assassinations of revered, charismatic leader, Major General Qassem Soleimani, and the Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Front as they left Baghdad airport on January 3. …

26 April 2019

The Justice Committee Inquiry into New Zealand’s 2017 Elections
Parliament, Wellington

Submission by Kay Weir

Thank you for the opportunity to make this submission on this important concern. I hope you will allow this late submission. I only found out about it towards the end of last week and could not work on it until the weekend with prior commitments. If there are to be any public hearings for this enquiry I would like to take part.

The Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM) is a voluntary organisation founded in Wellington in 1984, dedicated to…

28 November 2018

Rt Hon. Winston Peters
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Parliament Buildings
Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Letter by Kay Weir

Dear Minister Winston Peters

Thank you for your email letter of 26 November 2018 reporting “a series of malicious cyber incidents” that, to the GCSB, appear to be linked to the Russian government, specifically members of the Russian Military General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate.

It’s worth recalling that in 2006 it was Russia’s President Putin that proposed to then U.S. President Obama an international treaty to ban cyber attacks and their potentially disastrous consequences. Sadly, Obama rejected the offer. It…

West on dangerous path threatens entire world: Syrian Church leaders respond to allies April bombing of Syria

5 October 2018

Dear Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
and Rt Hon Winston Peter, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Letter by Kay Weir

We are very concerned about the political situation in the world commanded by the West, which has lost its way in wars. The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, founded in 1984 in Wellington is dedicated to promoting sustainable use of the earth’s resources and peace and justice issues. We publish the occasional journal Pacific Ecologist, and make submissions to government.

The present cyber hacking allegations against Russia, led by the UK, hide a multitude of deadly crimes against humanity…

April 2018

Letter by Kay Weir

Dear Prime Minister Ardern

The recent overnight bombing of Syria with a hundred missiles by the US-led coalition is a flagrant violation of international law and grievous assault on a country that has already suffered greatly from Western aggression. It should be recalled that wars based on lies of the American led coalition have already destroyed Iraq and Libya. This has led to the deaths of between 2–4 million people, and millions of refugees, that coalition countries are unwilling to accept as refugees.

The Barzah Research Laboratory in Damascus, destroyed by the bombing based…

17 March 2018

Dear Prime Minister Ardern

We fully support Foreign Minister Winston Peters’ call for an urgent international investigation into the nerve-agent poisoning in the UK this month of former double agent Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia. We agree with you that “outrage at the brazen and callous use of chemical weapons in a UK town is fully justified.” …

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