Call to Withdraw Radio New Zealand podcast series from Web

Red Line” misinforms, denigrates China — Omits majority world’s praise for China’s care for its Muslim citizens — Breaches Accuracy, Balance, Law, Denigration, Discrimination & Fairness Standards

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32 min readOct 28, 2021

8 October 2021

From Kay Weir,
The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Inc
Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand

To Mary Major
Executive Director, New Zealand Media Council

Kia Ora Mary Major

This letter is being redirected to the New Zealand Media Council, after being sent to the Broadcasting Standards Authority on 30 September. Radio New Zealand’s, Complaints Co-ordinator, George Bignell advised me to send any further complaint about Red Line to the BSA. BSA then suggested I send it to the NZ Media Council as it deals with podcasts and the standards Mr Bignell referred to are those of the NZ Media Council rather than the BSA.

The Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM) is a voluntary organisation founded in Wellington in 1984, dedicated to principles of peace, ecology, justice and sustainability. We make submissions to government on a variety of issues and have published a journal, Pacific Ecologist.

On August 9, I made a Formal Complaint to Radio New Zealand about the Red Line series, first broadcast by RNZ on 4 Sunday mornings starting 28 June to July 18. The series is still available as a podcast online. A reply on 26 August from George Bignell, Complaints Coordinator, acknowledged my concerns, commenting it does “not necessarily mean it is in breach of any of the Media Councils’ principles.” It concludes that for reasons explained in his letter my complaint was not upheld. However, the several points made in the letter lack evidential support. I am therefore appealing now to the NZ Media Council to withdraw Red Line from the Web because it breaches Accuracy, Balance, Denigration, Discrimination, Law & Fairness standards. It also contributes to misinformation and increasing conflict in the world.

There are two reasons why my Complaint should be taken seriously by Red Line journalists, Radio New Zealand and the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Firstly, surveys show increasing numbers of people are losing confidence in the credibility of mainstream media, largely because of narrow perspectives, partisan reporting, lack of questioning, and silence on issues of serious concern. Secondly, and more importantly, is the ever threatening geopolitical situation in the world, with increasing tensions and conflict stirred by the war-addicted, militarily powerful US-led US-UK-EU block of countries. After 20 years of genocidal wars, perpetrated by the US-led allies and destruction of many defenceless Muslim countries in the Middle East/Asia and North Africa, conflict is again being orchestrated with propaganda by America and Britain, this time with China. These western wars of aggression on many countries violated international law and the United Nations Charter.

Widespread revulsion at the devastation and loss of life inflicted by warring nations at the end of World War 2 created a climate for agreement among all world leaders of the day to commit to preventing future catastrophes of this sort through creating the United Nations. Their commitment is enshrined in the UN Charter, which in Article 2(4) prohibits the “threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” Investigative journalist Nicolas J. S. Davies points out: “Exceptions to this are when the security council authorises military action or when it is in self-defence under article 51 of the charter. None of the U.S.’s post-9/11 wars were authorized by the UN Security Council, as the UN Charter requires, so they, violate either the UN Charter, as Secretary General Kofi Annan admitted in the case of Iraq, or violate explicit terms of UN Security Council resolutions, such as UNSCR 1973‘s mandate for an ‘immediate ceasefire,’ a strict arms embargo and exclusion of “a foreign occupation force of any form” in Libya in 2011.

Claim “independent of any influence” not credible with largely US-UK-Euro view

The letter from RNZ’s Mr Bignell claims the Red Line team was “independent of any influence,” AND that anything reported as fact in the series has not been discredited. This can only mean that Red Line journalists have not read the lengthy information provided in my Complaint. The reporters failed to acknowledge even the existence, let alone the evidence provided by award-winning Western journalists over the last four years. For the full list of investigatory reports on US allegations against China, see the first 15 references at end of this letter. This evidence has comprehensively discredited the repeated allegations of human rights abuses against China made by US officials and widely disseminated in Western media. Links and titles of these comprehensive investigations into these allegations against China were sent on July 6 to Red Line journalist Mr Espiner and are presented again at end of this letter. They require time to read but it’s necessary for a balanced and fair view of the issues.

Red Line journalists in the series itself and in response to my Compliant leave any informed viewer of global affairs with the impression that Red Line/Radio New Zealand is a mouthpiece for propaganda from the powerful, but minority group, the US-UK-Euro alliance. This leads to a distorted narrative, breaching standards of discrimination, denigration, law, accuracy, balance and fairness. Portraying the world with blinkers risks seriously misrepresenting both circumstances and the evidence of any situation. Unwillingness of RNZ Red Line journalists to read and comprehend information which contradicts their limited research on China does not bode well for reliable information and press freedom in New Zealand.

Although Red Line journalists researched for over a year for the series, before first broadcast on 28 June 2021, they did not manage to find these investigative reports, available in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. The allegations against China are thoroughly discredited in these reports. Although they could not be discussed in Red Line’s 4 episodes, as the journalists failed to find them, it appears from their comments to George Bignell, Radio NZ’s Complaints Coordinator, that they have still not read them. Perhaps the journalists feel they don’t need to know any more as the series is ‘in the can,” over and done with. They have “moved on,” are too busy to read these reports, meaning they don’t consider them seriously, there’s nothing to learn and nothing seriously wrong with the series. Yet the series is still online, lacking accuracy, balance, denigrating China, and misinforming: the reporters just don’t want to acknowledge important factors they failed to find. Above all, there’s the public’s right to know when misleading information is used to make a case to undermine a country, China in this instance, increasing conflict in the world that could be terminal.

False claim that China has 1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps

For example, allegations claiming China rounded up 1 million people, mainly Uyghurs, into concentration camps, were not based on “independent reports,” as claimed. Western news reports cite the United Nations as their source. A detailed investigative report in 2018 by Ben Norton and Ajit Singh titled, “No, the UN did not report China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims,” exposed this widely quoted western claim to be based entirely on unsourced allegations by a single U.S. member, Gay McDougall, on an “independent committee,” with an official sounding name: U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This is not a United Nations committee. The U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that no U.N. body or official has made such a charge against China.

This deliberate manipulated allegation to demonise China, making it look as if the report came from the United Nations, should alert journalists to the fact Americas running a slanderous campaign to demonise China. Far from abusing the Uyghurs, China has had a major policy to eradicate poverty and been praised by the UN for their successful efforts.

Visiting Xinjiang Omitted: Many countries have including Muslim countries & organisations: Over 2 billion people commend China’s care of its Muslim citizens: accuracy, fairness, denigration, balance standards breached

Radio New Zealand’s reply to my Complaint claims that UN experts and numerous human rights groups have made requests to visit Xinjiang, but this is “so far unfulfilled.” This is reported in claims made by the US and disputed by China, as reported by Reuters (17/9/2019).

However Red Line journalists and the reply to my Complaint, fail to take into account that deputations from many countries and organisations have visited Xinjiang. For example, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), representing 57 countries, mostly with Muslim majorities, and 1.88 billion people, visited Xinjiang in March 2019. The Forty- Six Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, (Session: 50 Years Of Islamic Cooperation: Roadmap For Prosperity And Development in its Resolutions on Muslim Communities and Muslim Minorities), commended: “the efforts of the People’s Republic of China for providing care to its Muslim citizens, “adding that it looked forward “to further cooperation between the OIC and the People’s Republic of China.” (OIC/CFM-46/MM/RES/FINAL).

Undoubtedly these deputations from many countries, including Muslim countries which have visited Xinjiang included people concerned about human rights. It’s also relevant that over 2 billion people from Muslim countries of the OIC have witnessed and or suffered 20 years of the US-led illegal western wars of aggression since 2001 on mainly Muslim countries in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. These devastating wars have destroyed human rights and countries and millions of lives. The fact Red Line journalists refuse to acknowledge the support for China’s policies in Xinjiang by a majority of people in the world who are Muslim themselves is evidence of Red Line’s journalists continuing lack of objectivity, accuracy, fairness and denigration of China, and proof they are far from being independent journalists.

My Complaint also reported on two meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2019 and 2020, where motions condemning China’s conduct in Xinjiang were out-voted, 22–50 and 27–46. Also, in March 2021 the 46th Human Rights Council Session received a joint statement in support of China with more than 80 countries supporting China’s position. Many of the countries supporting China’s policy in Xinjiang are Muslim-majority nations and/or nations that have waged campaigns against extremism on their own soil, including Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, and Nigeria. None of this is included in Radio/New Zealand’s Line’s response to my Complaint.

Allegations against China follow false allegations & wars on many Muslim countries

My Complaint documented with links to many reports how the US-led allies used false pretexts to launch illegal wars violating international law over 20 years from 2001, which devastated many Muslim countries. The false pretexts used by western allies, included weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that didn’t exist; also that Libya’s leader Gadaffi was killing his people when he wasn’t; that Syria’s leader, President Assad was also killing his people when he wasn’t, etc. Many reports show these allegations were false, including two by the UK Parliament in 2016. Some examples follow:

Now the Truth emerges: How the US fuelled the Rise of Isis in Syria & Iraq by Seamus Milne

for more details see References below under — US-led Wars

Given this appalling recent history, it’s especially important to question any allegation being made by the US and its allies. False allegations have led to a real genocide/holocaust of Muslim peoples of at least 27 million people by 2015, meticulously documented by Australian scientist Dr Gideon Polya over the past 20 years. Many lies led to wars on many Muslim countries that could not defend themselves from illegal mass aerial bombing campaigns and invasions by the US-led allies. They refuse to be held accountable for their violations of international law. The US and allies also oppose investigations by the International Criminal Court into millions of alleged war crimes last year.

My Complaint reports that China is being targeted by the same old imperial American/UK strategy of lies, this time to achieve the aim of discrediting China in an effort to try to force countries to comply with their demands to sanction and “limit” China. All this is ignored in Red Line, and in Radio NZ programmes in general which tend to simply report without question what American or British news agencies disseminate.

Not just about New Zealand & China — US funds dissidents & global anti-China campaign

Radio NZ’s letter said that Sections 1 and 2 of my Complaint do not relate to broadcasting standards, that the series was simply “about China and New Zealand, not the US and its foreign policy.” This is disingenuous as the allegations and “paranoia” about China “out to get us,” repeated in Red Line, stem from the US and its UK ally. Red Line journalists also used Chinese Uyghur dissidents in New Zealand and overseas in its story, echoing Western allegations without question or investigation into their validity. The discredited “Uyghur Tribunal,” funded by America, and held in the UK, is also reported as if it had legal authority, so it’s inaccurate to claim the Red Line series is only about NZ and China’s Communist Party.

America uses dissident Uyghur groups it funds to manufacture its claims against China. The National Endowment for Democracy, a US organisation seeking regime change in countries the US wants to dominate boasted on May 29, 2020 that it “has awarded $8,758,300 to Uyghur “advocacy and human rights organizations” groups since 2004. This brings the “Uyghur voice to the highest international levels, including the United Nations, European Parliament, and the White House,“ according to the NED. US funding of the Uyghur groups, undermines the credibility of their claims. For more on US funding media to promote its anti-China propaganda see The cynical hypocrisy of the world’s No 1 propagandist: US pledges $300mn to fund massive global anti-China media machine by Tom Fowdy 26/4/2021

Sections 1 and 2 of my original Complaint pointed out the allegations against China, broadcast in Red Line are politically motivated and manufactured because America perceives China as threatening its “supremacy” in the world, and wants to discredit China in the eyes of the world. America also wants to derail China’s popular Belt & Road Initiative, the largest cooperative venture the world has seen, with 140 countries wanting to participate. The clear political motive to malign China should have made RNZ journalists, Espiner and Daniell at least a little sceptical of the allegations. With such serious allegations being levelled at China, it’s especially important for a thorough investigation of the evidence for these claims, which Red Line did not provide. It’s especially egregious as Red Line is described as “investigative journalism.” All this relates to Media Council Standards of. Discrimination, Denigration, Accuracy, Fairness, Balance, and Law. And the public’s right to know when misleading information is used to make a case to undermine a country, China in this instance which can exacerbate conflict in the world that could be terminal.

Former US President Jimmy Carter explained to former President Trump in April 2019, that America militarily surrounds and threatens China, not the other way round. He also said that while the US has been at war for 20 years, China instead invested in 21st century infrastructure and its own people, lifting over 800 million out of poverty. The US, he said is: “the most warlike nation in the history of the world. China is investing its resources in projects such as high-speed railroads instead of defence spending. How many miles of high-speed railroad do we have in this country? Zero. We have wasted, I think, $3 trillion. China has not wasted a single penny on war, that’s why they’re ahead of us in almost every way, I think the difference is, if you take $3 trillion and put it in American infrastructure, you’d probably have $2 trillion left over. We’d have high-speed railroad. We’d have bridges that aren’t collapsing. We’d have roads that are maintained properly.”

New US President Biden continues the aggression against China saying America is in a competition with China. He told China’s President Xi Jinping in 2020 that the US will militarize the Indo-Pacific “just as we do with NATO in Europe.” China has said if the US does not pull back, and if attacked by US forces it will defend itself with all means. As Christopher Black reports, the consequences of such a war are unimaginable. Is it wise for RNZ/Red Line to be fanning flames of nuclear war in support of America’s dangerous supremacy doctrine?

China’s refusal to participate understandable

RNZ journalists complained that China’s authorities refused to take part in Red Line. However it’s understandable considering Red Line’s limited research and script, its use of Uyghur “dissidents” in New Zealand and America, with no comprehension they are funded by American agencies. Also use of the faux “Uyghur Tribunal” in Britain with its tarnished judge with no explanation that it was not a legally set up court or tribunal. China would realise the Red Line series would not be a fair hearing. It would take a lot to untangle the contrived anti-China propaganda, unless the journalists were truly committed and questioning.

The fact Red Line’s research over a year for the series didn’t find several investigative reports from award-winning western journalists, like Max Blumenthal and Gareth Porter from 2018–2021 which clearly discredit the US allegations against China, and that RL journalists still refuse to acknowledge the validity of these reports; and that Red Line didn’t know of the overwhelming support from Muslim countries for China’s efforts to improve the lives of Muslims, including Uyghurs, in Xinjiang, underscores why China was wise not to participate.

The Service series — major concerns ignored by RNZ journalists: ICC — Assange etc

The letter from Radio New Zealand in response to my Complaint claims the Red Line team is objective because the same journalists produced the “Service” series. However this is tokenism, considering the many issues crying out for attention in recent years. Why didn’t the Red Line team investigate the human rights horrors of 20 years of US-led illegal asymmetric wars of aggression against Muslim countries, (considered to be the greatest crime against humanity by the United Nations Charter), that have killed millions and destroyed countries and cultures? Why not investigate why America has ferociously opposed investigations by the International Criminal Court into 1.7 million affidavits of war crimes in Afghanistan alone? Why especially didn’t the team spring to defend our espoused values of press freedom and defend persecuted fellow journalist, Julian Assange in his continued tortuous imprisonment for nearly a decade in the UK? Will this shameful silence at RNZ continue if Julian Assange dies, which is likely from reports on his ill health. There’s also a clear possibility that US threats to imprison Julian Assange for 175 years in a US prison will become reality.

America wants Assange extradited from the UK and threatens him with 175 years, (3 life times) in prison for revealing evidence of U.S. war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo. This includes torture, and the killing of at least 18 unarmed civilians and 2 journalists by US soldiers firing from a helicopter in Iraq. The video of this incident shows evidence of three separate war crimes. As the soldiers are firing on civilians, they can be heard saying: “Look at those dead bastards.” Yet Instead of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity being brought to justice, journalist Julian Assange is in prison in a perverse miscarriage of justice. For Radio NZ journalists to remain silent about all this is astonishing with its Charter to defend democracy and press freedom.

As United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Professor Nils Melzer has said: “The case is a huge scandal and represents failure of the Western rule of law. If Julian Assange is convicted, it will be a death sentence for freedom of the press. If investigative journalism is classified as espionage and can be incriminated around the world, then censorship and tyranny will follow. “A murderous system is being created before our very eyes. War crimes and torture are not being prosecuted. YouTube videos are circulating in which American soldiers brag about driving Iraqi women to suicide with systematic rape. Nobody is investigating it. At the same time, a person who exposes such things is being threatened with 175 years in prison.

“For an entire decade, he has been inundated with accusations that cannot be proven and are breaking him. Nobody is being held accountable. Nobody is taking responsibility. It marks an erosion of the social contract… If we don’t demand they be held accountable, we will lose our rights sooner or later… Corruption is the result if we do not insist that power be monitored. It has been an abuse of judicial processes aimed at pushing a person into a position where he is unable to defend himself.” — Extracted from an interview of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer in the Swiss publication, Republik on 31/1/2020.

There appears to be a taboo on investigating these vital concerns in Radio NZ on press freedom and US human rights atrocities, which undermines democratic discourse in Aotearoa/NZ. An increasing number of people have lost confidence in western media because of its unwillingness to deal with major concerns. Questioning ample evidence of unbridled western power seems off the radar for Radio NZ and other NZ media. It looks like proof of CIA and MI6 interference in Radio NZ.

Red Line Car Crash accident reporting marred by spoof-like treatment

Radio New Zealand’s response to my Complaint says findings of the New Zealand police that the car crash which killed two Chinese dissidents on the way to Wellington was reported by Red Line journalist as the result of an accident caused by driver inattention on the part of the other party involved in the crash. While it’s good that Red Line/RNZ reported this fact, it’s the least that can be expected surely. Why would anyone think China’s Communist Party would be responsible for a car crash in NZ? Unfortunately Red Line’s treatment of the car crash accident with menacing music and mutterings from ‘dissidents’ about “blood on the leaflets” in the car, was spoof-like, even Monty Pythonesque. It distracted from the police findings. There’s something quite disrespectful to China in the spoof-like nature of the Red Line series; it’s more like “infotainment,” and cannot accurately be described as investigative journalism, or a serious investigation.

Fake “Uyghur Tribunal” & tarnished reputation of its Chair — breaches Law & Order internationally & Fairness, Balance, Denigration/Discrimination Standards

Radio New Zealand’s reply to my information that the “Uyghur Tribunal,” hearings in June in Britain was not a legally established court of law, was that it was “independent.” But it was independent wrongly, being independent of due legal process, which makes it invalid as a legally constituted court of law. China is being maligned with allegations by countries, that have repeatedly violated human rights and international law themselves, killing millions of Muslim people with impunity. The Kangaroo Court set-up to malign China in the world community is yet more evidence of Britain and America’s dangerous, immoral contempt for China and the Law.

Red Line used the “Uyghur Tribunal,” held in the UK to portray China as a shocking abuser of human rights. The hearings amplify to the world unsound claims made by the US-UK-EU and allies, of lurid human rights atrocities against China without having to go through the tedious processes of due process of law, including innocence unless proven guilty by the due process of law. The journalists failed to point out in the series the fact it was not a legal court. Yet it was publicly noted on its website and in this article The “tribunal” was actually a UK Private Company Limited by Guarantee, under the name “Uyghur Administration Ltd,” meaning it’s a private citizens association with no official standing in the judicial system.

The ‘tribunal was set up by the President of the World Uyghur Congress, an organization of Uyghur émigrés with close ties to Western, mainly U.S., political/ security establishments and funded by US organisations. For more information Red Line journalists should at least read these articles: also and

US State Department accusation of China ‘genocide’ relied on data abuse & baseless claims by far-right ideologue by Gareth Porter & Max Blumenthal

See the full list of investigatory reports into US allegations against China in the first 15 references at end of this letter.

Radio NZ’s reply to my Complaint referred to Sir Geoffrey Nice, chair of the “tribunal,” but not to his tarnished reputation. In Red Line, Sir Geoffrey is heard intoning conclusions that China was engaged in shocking practises such as organ harvesting, cutting out hearts and other body parts of people. But he is on record for being an unfair judge, in 2009 a conviction which Nice presided over was ordered quashed by the Court of Appeal of Jersey. A report in the Jersey Evening Post claimed the actions could have cost Jersey taxpayers millions of pounds.

This important judgment on Sir Geoffrey Nice’s work from the Appeal Court of Jersey was delivered 4/11/2009. Lord Brown commented: “Not often is defence counsel, appealing against conviction on the grounds of an unfair hearing, able to turn the appeal court’s feeling from initial rueful concern to eventual deep dismay simply by reference to the number and character of the judge’s interventions in the course of the trial. Such, alas, is the position in this case and, overwhelming though the evidence against the appellant may appear to have been, the Board can see no alternative but to set his conviction aside.” 4/11/2009 — JUDGMENT Peter Michel v The Queen from Court of Appeal of Jersey.

This masquerade of Law to smear China, undermines not only China but Law and Order in the world internationally, bringing the Law into disrepute. The fake tribunal” to undermine China, creates the milieu for another catastrophic war that could easily be the last war, this time involving nuclear weapons, which America has been “modernising,” and threatening to use in another violation of international law. At least China has substantial military forces, and nuclear weapons and can defend itself, unlike Middle East, Asian, and African countries attacked by the Western coalition. They could not defend themselves from barbaric concerted bombardments by several western countries.

The real genocide: US-led wars on Muslim countries

It’s deeply cynical for America and UK leaders in the western alliance after their 20 years of devastating wars on many Muslim countries, causing a real genocide, to claim support for human rights for Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang. It illustrates again their contempt for human rights, international law and the United Nations Charter. Australian scientist Gideon Polya has meticulously documented the 20 years of this Muslim genocide-holocaust from all the western wars over 20 years. Two of his many reports and one book are: Paris Atrocity Context: 27 Million Muslim Avoidable Deaths from Violence& Imposed Deprivation In 20 Countries Violated By US Alliance Since 9–11 by Dr Gideon Polya 22 November, 2015

Afghan Genocide Exposed: WHO (2010) Occupiers only allow annual per capita total health expenditure of $29 in Occupied Afghanistan By Dr Gideon Polya 12/06/2011

US-imposed Post-9/11-Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide by Dr Gideon Polya, Korsgaard

Publishing, 2020. Genocide/dp/8793987056

It’s shocking to recall that America waged 20 years of illegal wars of aggression on Muslim countries, undermining the United Nations Charter, causing the deaths of over 27 million Muslim people, because. terrorists (not a country) over one day in America killed less than 3000 people. China’s plan for dealing with terrorism in Xinjiang over a number of years is rational and positive, policies to address poverty in the Xinjiang region. Yet the US-led west accuses China of crimes against humanity which it has itself committed with impunity, while refusing to be held accountable to the International Criminal Court.

Law not War

The venerable, Benjamin Ferencz, U.S. Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, in an interview in 2018 said: “At the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, the waging of aggressive war was indelibly branded as “the supreme international crime. Nuremberg concluded that aggression was no longer a permissible heroic act. It was an international crime, and should be punished as a supreme international crime. I believe that. I was a combat soldier in World War II. I am always guided by my supreme commander. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he became President of the United States, declared: ‘The World can no longer rely on force. It must rely on the rule of law, if civilization is to survive. The main principles of the Nuremberg trials were affirmed by the UN General Assembly and have been accepted as binding principles of international law.

“Among those principles are the conclusion that crimes are committed by individuals, that the law must apply equally to everyone, that heads of state are liable, that there is no excuse for crimes despite your rank, and fundamentally that crimes which are so offensive as to shock the conscience of humankind should be condemned as crimes against humanity. These principles seem to me to be very sound then, and they continue to be very sound. The illegal killing, that is the killing of large numbers of innocent people without it being in self-defence or without it being approved by the Security Council of the United Nations — is a crime. It is a supreme international crime of aggression.” Interview: BENJAMIN BERELL FERENCZ U.S. CHIEF PROSECUTOR AT NUREMBERG TRIALS Winter 2018 By Renee Dopplick

Withdraw Red Line series from web — breaches Accuracy, Balance, Law, Denigration, Discrimination & Fairness standards

The Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM) calls for the Red Line podcast series to be withdrawn from the worldwide web. It promotes misinformation about China in the world community, and hatred, conflict and racism, adding fuel to flames of wars, which western countries are only too adept at initiating. It also brings the Law into disrepute, using a fake “tribunal,” which has no credentials in law, to amplify unfounded allegations against China. At the same time, there is no acknowledgement in Red Line that US-led countries have repeatedly violated international law and the United Nations Charter over the past 20 years by attacking mainly Muslim countries. The recent unilateral, chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the first defenceless country to be attacked and destroyed with barbaric aerial bombardments in 2001, should alert to the need for change in New Zealand’s media’s silent support for US-led wars

The world community needs peace and cooperation, not more conflict and war, especially devastated Muslim countries. People need unity to recover from 20 years of western inflicted wars. They are also coping with Covid19 and increasing pressures from climate change. We appeal to the New Zealand Media Council to rule that Red Line breaches Accuracy, Balance, Denigration, Discrimination, Law and Fairness standards. It maligns China and promotes conflict. The Bedrock for peace and security in the world is abiding by international law, and the United Nations Charter, not more western wars. Our western countries are a small minority in the world, representing less than 20 percent of the world’s people and misled by the US with its military industrial complex and addiction to war. Perhaps the New Zealand Media Council could suggest that journalists be schooled in international law and the United Nations Charter.

United Nations chief, António Guterres said in September: “It’s time to ring alarm bell. We are on the verge of a precipice and moving in the wrong direction. Look at COVID-19 vaccination, look at the difficulties in bringing together all countries to make sure we make the climate change meetings a success. Look at the multiplication of conflicts. We need to change course, we need to wake up. Wake up, change course, unite, and let’s try to defeat the enormous challenges we are facing today.”

Te Aroha Te Whakapono Me Te Rangimarie Tatou Tatou E

Kay Weir
The Pacific Institute of Resource Management
PO Box 12125 Wellington. phone Wgtn 939 4553
Aotearoa/New Zealand.


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