Poisonings allegations in UK — due legal processes vital — UK interference in NZ governance

Serious claims without evidence

We are surprised and alarmed by the accusations levelled at Russia by the UK on the basis of assertions without credible evidence. Mr Skripal had lived in Britain unharmed for several years, and his daughter Yulia was visiting from Russia and is a Russian citizen. Why has the UK government accused Russia publicly worldwide of this crime before holding a transparent and thorough investigation? This is the reverse of the values Britain claims as its own: good governance, the rule of law, and a judicial system that presumes innocence before good evidence shows otherwise.

Interfering & threatening NZ governance

A further cause for alarm is the role the UK embassy is taking in New Zealand in issuing veiled threats to government through our media before credible evidence of their claims has been established. Britain’s diplomats have also even pressured the NZ government this week not to pursue better relations or trade links with Russia.

In summary

We support Mr Peter’s call for an investigation into the recent poisoning of Russian citizens in the UK through the internationally accepted procedures of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). We would also like to see the UK High Commission cautioned for its attempts to influence the NZ public on the basis of its unproven, unsound allegations.



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