Ukraine Nazis: Financial Times article — No way out for Britain & Manipulative West

Pacific Ecologist magazine
3 min readJul 25, 2022

Letter by Kay Weir to Gideon Rachman, Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist

4 June 2022 — Greetings Mr Rachman — I’ve just come across your 9 May 2022 article Ukraine and the shadow of the Nazis in the Financial Times. In expressing the usual British Raj contempt for Russia, while ignoring the truth about the origins of the Ukraine crisis, you can offer no way out of the conflict. Nor indeed can any member of the benighted, misleading British government. You say, Britain’s Defence secretary has accused Russia of “mirroring fascism.” Surely the real fascism lies in the 20 years wars of aggression, based on lies, perpetrated by US/UK/NATO on several mainly Muslim countries, which killed millions of people and destroyed many countries. US/UK/ NATO have refused to allow their militaries to undergo investigations by the International Criminal Court for their truly genocidal wars.

How come you and Britain ignore the repeated, horrendous 20 years of war crimes of Britain, the US and NATO, while condemning Russia vociferously over a few weeks justified intervention in Ukraine, as if this was the worst crime of the century? It’s utter nonsense and an escape from acknowledging the real truth, the tyranny of western fascism, related to their colonial histories. And now there’s comprehensive sanctions against Russia, which are boomerang-like, rebounding on all countries, including western countries. And more absurdity, western countries accuse Russia of a Food Crisis, when it’s their economic war with vast sanctions against Russia, by the small minority of western countries that’s causing a food crisis. Note, most of the world is ignoring western countries condemnations of Russia. Many of them have suffered the misery and torments of illegal western wars of aggression and manipulations in their countries.

Russia, on the other, has had every reason to celebrate Victory Day this year 2022 as in all years. Russia intervened in Ukraine, because over 100,000 of the Ukraine regime’s army was preparing to attack Russian-speaking civilians in the Donbass region, which has been attacked by Ukraine’s army since 2014. (OSCE and other reports illustrate the growth in attacks and troop numbers in Donbass in February 2022). Over 14,000 civilians have been killed, since 2014, houses, and infrastructure destroyed, children being taught in bullet-riddled class rooms, suffering war trauma over these 8 years. UN reports attest to some of this misery, caused by America’s illegal, treacherous interference in Ukraine, a sovereign country. Ukraine was preparing in February 2022 for its final solution to get rid of its Russian-speaking population.

Russia would not have intervened if western countries had insisted that the UN-endorsed Minsk Agreements of 2014/15 were implemented, as they should have been over these 8 years. Ukraine’s illegal war on its civilians is a legacy of a violent, illegal, US-orchestrated coup, using neo-nazi personnel and techniques in February 2014; this violently deposed a democratically elected government; the US, especially US diplomat Victoria Nuland, world famous for her phrase “Fuck the EU,” even chose an anti-Russia person as the new “leader” of Ukraine, all this done in order for US to gain power in Ukraine in order to undermine Russia.

How can all this be allowed to happen with impunity in western countries that pretend to be democracies? You cannot possibly be ignorant of all this. There’s so many highly reputable reports about it. The fact is that British and other western mainstream media have been co-opted and corrupted by state propaganda, they’ve lost their way, and don’t mind misinforming the people in their countries: it pays the bills. Britain’s government even outlaws the truth, calling it “misinformation,” and puts a real journalist like Julian Assange in prison for exposing US war crimes. And Britain is prepared to even hand him over to the fascist US government which wants to imprison Julian Assange for 175 years! It’s unbelievable this can be planned, and it’s not called out in your newspapers as fascism! You should be out in the streets daily denouncing this sham democracy in Britain! Shame on Britain and mainstream media! You are leading your people, sleep walking into nuclear war, because there’s no real intelligence about critical issues in your newspapers.

Kay Weir, Wellington, New Zealand