Vital for global security to revive & prioritise Aotearoa’s nuclear-free & independent foreign policy — support UN Charter and international law

Nuclear annihilation danges from Ukraine war: What Aotearoa can do: non-partisan, accurate information vital

Awareness of the existential dangers of nuclear weapons for life on Earth has diminished amongst Western governments and populations. Covid-19 with its health and economic impacts diverted attention. Even Aotearoa/New Zealand’s government with its decades-long, life-protecting, nuclear-free policy and history has been distracted. In the past, Aotearoa/New Zealand has withstood negative responses from our allies over our opposition to nuclear-testing in the Pacific, and when we rejected having America’s nuclear ships in our ports. Our French “allies” who experimented with nuclear-weapons testing in French Polynesia, criminally bombed the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, killing a photographer on board at the time.

America’s culture of continual wars of agression undermines its credibility

China is also threatened by the West’s nuclear weapons with America’s provocative military exercises. Aircraft and ships regularly buzz Taiwan which is officially part of China. It only takes one mistake for a nuclear exchange to happen even accidentally.

New U.S. ‘Mini-nukes’ latest threat to world security

Right now, America’s new so-called “useable Mini-nukes,” which they have been developing since 2015, are being deployed to Britain and European countries, including in Poland and Romania on Russia’s border. (SEE BELOW: NEW RISKS WITH US ‘MINI-NUKES IN EUROPE FOR NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE) These are increasingly dangerous violations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. More than ever before Aotearoa’s voice against nuclear catastrophe should be being heard. Threats to both Russia and China with aggressive strategies of the US/UK-NATO allies don’t just threaten Russia and China’s security they threaten the entire world.

Non-expansino of NATO & implementing Minsk agreement would legally have averted Ukraine war: instead West foments wars

Dr Jeffrey Sachs, President of the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, says Western political leaders have failed to be honest about the causes of escalating global conflicts. The overwrought fear of Russia and China is sold to a Western public through manipulation of the facts. “The relentless Western narrative that the West is noble while Russia and China are evil, is simple-minded and extraordinarily dangerous. It is an attempt to manipulate public opinion, not to deal with very real and pressing diplomacy. Europe should reflect on the fact that non-enlargement of NATO and implementation of the Minsk II agreements would have averted this awful war in Ukraine.” Dr Sachs says the world is on the edge of nuclear catastrophe with both Russia over Ukraine, and China over Taiwan. NATO has been threatening Russia for decades expanding nuclear weapons to countries bordering Russia against Russia’s security and sovereignty concerns.

Prime Minister admonishes Russia: Unware of U.S. first strike policy & other US threats to Russia

Prime Minister Ardern recently admonished the Russia Federation and President Putin at the United Nations General Assembly conference, accusing Russia’s President of threatening to use nuclear weapons. This is not what other people heard him say. Russian President Vladimir Putin has only ever stated that Moscow would respond in the event of aggression against Russia or its allies using weapons of mass destruction or when the existence of the country’s survival is threatened. Russia does not have a nuclear first-strike policy. However, America does.

The new “Mini’s Nukes” are now about to be deployed to the UK and several countries in Europe. This development doubtless alarms Russia, and violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But few people know about it. The objectives are to threaten Russia with a nuclear first-strike, which is blatantly inhuman and threatens not just Russia but the entire world. FOR MORE ON THIS SEE BELOW — NEW RISKS WITH US ‘MINI-NUKES IN EUROPE FOR NUCLEAR ‘FIRST STRIKE’

Considering these new “useable mini-nukes” are being deployed to the UK, it’s concerning that Liz Truss, new UK Prime Minister, said this year that she would be prepared to use nuclear weapons. This is concerning especially as America has been practising staging nuclear attacks on Russia. In February 2020 the US staged a “limited” nuclear battle against Russia in a war game!* It’s no wonder that Russia presented security treaties to the US and NATO in December 2021, though they were rejected.

President Putin expresses alarm at U.S. weapons in Poland & Romania – 5 minutes to Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the annual expanded meeting of Russia’s Defence Ministry Board at the National Defence Control Centre 21/12/2021. He said: “It is extremely alarming that elements of the US global defence system are being deployed near Russia. The Mk 41 launchers, which are located in Romania and are to be deployed in Poland, are adapted for launching Tomahawk strike missiles. If this infrastructure continues to move forward, and if US and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, their flight time to Moscow will be only 7–10 minutes, or even five minutes for hypersonic systems. This is a huge challenge for us, for our security. In this context, as you are aware, I invited the US President to start talks on the drafting of concrete agreements. Incidentally, during our conversation he actually proposed appointing senior officials to oversee this sphere. It was in response to his proposal that we drafted our proposals on precluding the further eastward expansion of NATO and deployment of offensive strike systems in countries bordering Russia.

US dismantles key security treaties

America has also created an unstable security environment in the world by withdrawing from key nuclear treaties that helped keep the world safe. In 2002, causing consternation for Russia and China

America only country in world to deliberately unleash nuclear weapons on civilians–twice!

It should not be forgotten than America is the only country in the world to deliberately, calculatedly unleash nuclear weapons on civilians in cities, not once, but twice, days apart. This happened at the end of World War 2 when Japan had been extensively bombed by America and was already defeated. The 14 kiloton atomic bomb “Little Boy”, dropped by America on 6 August, 1945, on the city of Hiroshima, killed 140 thousand people instantly. Countless tens of thousands more died in agony during the weeks and months after the explosion. The bomb that destroyed Nagasaki with similar devastation was dropped three days later.

Peace & Reconciliation Commission to reveal causes of US/Russia conflict — atomic bomb could have been under UN supevision

Alice Slater, distinguished adviser to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and on the Committee of World Beyond War, wrote in 2017: “if at the catastrophic end of World War 2, US President Truman had agreed with the proposal of Stalin, the Soviet Union leader, to turn the atomic bomb over to the UN under international supervision, the whole nuclear arms race might have been avoided. But Truman insisted on the US retaining control of the technology so Stalin proceeded to develop the Soviet bomb.”

Origins of Ukraine conflict erased in Western narrative: importance of accurate information — Kiev kills civilians for 8 years – now uses US/NATO/NZ weapons for this

Our allies, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and NATO countries, are ramping up the Ukraine conflict, extensively condemning and sanctioning Russia for its Ukraine intervention on February 24. Yet Russia’s Special Military Operation was in response to a request for help from civilians in the long-suffering south-east Donbass regions who were confronted with a large force of Kiev’s military assembled by mid-February 2022 ready to attack the region and its people. Instead of finding lgitimate, available ways to end the conflict, our allies are providing more and more long-range weapons which can even reach into Russia, and they train new recruits to fight in the war.

Is Ukraine’s government legitimate?

Jacques Baud, distinguished geopolitical analyst, former Swiss intelligence expert, wrote in August 2022: “The way we understand crises determines the way we solve them. Cheating with the facts leads to disaster. That is what is happening in Ukraine.”

Kiev regime bans speaking the Russian language

Jacques Baud goes on to stateThe Atlantic Council, despite being strongly in favor of NATO, was quick to note that the Maidan revolution had been hijacked by certain oligarchs and ultra-nationalists. It noted that reforms promised by Ukraine had not been carried out and Western media stuck to a ‘black and white’ narrative. The coup d’état was not unanimously supported by Ukraine’s people, either in substance or form. It was the work of a minority of ultra-nationalists from Western Ukraine (Galicia), who did not represent the whole Ukrainian people. Their first legislative act, on 23 February 2014, was to abrogate the 2012 Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law, which established the Russian language as an official language along with Ukrainian. This prompted the Russian-speaking population to start massive protests in the southern part of the country, against authorities they had not elected.”

Kiev’s military & economic war on civilians who opposed the US-imposed regime

“To make things worse,” Baud, continues: “Ukraine didn’t gain legitimacy in the way it handled the rebellion. In 2014–2015, poorly advised by NATO military, Ukraine waged a war that could only lead to its defeat: it considered the populations of Donbass and Crimea as enemy foreign forces and made no attempt to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the autonomists. Instead, its strategy has been to punish the people even further. Bank services were stopped, economic relations with the autonomous regions were cut, and Crimea didn’t receive drinking water anymore. This is why there are so many civilian victims in the Donbass, and why the Russian population still stands in majority behind its government today. The 14,000 victims of the conflict tend to be attributed to the “Russian invaders” and the so-called “separatists. Yet according to the United Nations, more than 80% of civilian casualties are the result of Ukrainian shelling.“

Russophobia — West’s blind racism & aggression drives conflict

Russophobic comments and articles constantly appear in Western and New Zealand media, stirring up hatred of Russia and Russians. Internationally, Russian singers and conductors have been fired from their employment. Russians are excluded from Western events. Yet its intervention in Ukraine was legal and understandable, to stop Kiev mass killing its long-suffering ethnic Russian civilians. Ukraine’s appalling state-sanctioned war on civilians was the result of well documented, illegal, violent, US-orchestrated coup in February 2014 which deposed a democratically elected government, and replaced it with an anti-Russia regime, leaders chosen by US diplomats. This was an outrageous assault on democracy and Ukraine’s sovereignty, not denounced by Aotearoa/New Zealand or other Western countries, nor have we heard our media condemning the Ukraine regime’s eight years of war on civilians who understandably opposed the unelected regime, which once in power immediately banned the speaking of the Russian language, then started attacking the Donbass region opposed to this and the regime.

West’s illegal wars based on false pretexts kill millions

Our allies. the US/UK and NATO countries, have initiated several devastating, illegal wars of aggression with impunity over the last quarter century. They have used false pretexts, like the “weapons of mass destruction” that experts advised didn’t exist in Iraq. Below are links to some reports:

US/UK efforts to stop armed forces’ war crimes investigation: Julian Assange faces 175 years in prison for exposing them

UK Bill a License for Military Crimes? Law Would Stymie Prosecution of Armed Forces for Abuses by Clive Baldwin

False Western narrative on Russia manipulates public opinion

People in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, etc, are trying to live with little help from their brutal Western assailants in countries destroyed with impunity for 20 years by US/NATO bombardments and invasions. These illegal wars of aggression were not covered day by day, year by year over 20 years by Western media, nor were they condemned by Western governments or their media. But the conflict in Ukraine is being covered by Western media, day by day, with many false, staged allegations and stories of war crimes made against Russia without reliable evidence, while totally ignoring Ukraine’s crimes against its ethnic Russian population over 8 years; the banning of the Russian language, the shelling of civilians in the Donetsk region over 8 years.

Torture reports & assassination list

Reports on the shocking torture of Russians by Kiev’s armed forces and security forces are not reported in Western media, but credible reports have been made public in the last eight years.

Most of world outside western block not deceived by US/NATO campaign against Russia

Western countries affect self-righteous, moral indignation about Russia’s 8-month provoked intervention in Ukraine. Consider the suffering and starvation in Asian/African regions caused by US/NATO’s two decades of illegal wars of aggression, and America’s additional brutality, eg. unlawfully seizing Afghanistan’s financial assets. Consider also the increasing hunger in Afghanistan, and African countries with US-imposed comprehensive economic sanctions against Russia, which prevent Russian fertilizers from reaching Africa and other developing countries. Russia is the largest source of fertilizer in the world. Can Aotearoa/New Zealand with integrity rely on our allies’ “intelligence” or wise counsel? Do our allies demonstrate good values? Outside the small but militarily powerful Western block of countries with induced amnesia about their truly appalling 20 years of war crimes, most people and countries in the world are not deceived by the appalling Western charade.

NATO/US expansion threatens Russia & world over decades

For decades, America and NATO have threatened Russia’s security and sovereignty by expanding nuclear weapons and military bases in Europe and on Russia’s borders. This not only violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. NATO’s expansion eastwards for decades, adding 14 countries, violated explicit promises made to former Soviet Leader Gorbachev in 1991 that NATO would “not move an inch eastward.” American, Britain and several European countries leaders promised this when the Soviet Union agreed to reunify Germany by leaving its occupation of East Germany. Then US Secretary of State James Baker personally and repeatedly made assurances to then Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not be further expanded toward Russian borders.

Russia’s special military operation provoked by US/NATO

If the US and leading NATO countries like France and Germany were seriously committed to supporting the Minsk II Agreements endorsed by the UN Security Council in Resolution 2022 of February 12, 2015*, they would have persuaded President Zelensky not to proceed with the build-up of Ukraine’s National Army troops in February, threatening ethnic Russian communities in the Donbass region. Benjamin and Davies in their Memo to Congress: Diplomacy for Ukraine Is Spelled M-i-n-s-k, report this. After eight years of patient diplomacy Russia was compelled to intervene to prevent the mass killing of civilians by a large force of Kiev’s military and neo-Nazi, extreme nationalist militias.

US bombed more in one day in Iraq than Russia did in 24 days in Ukraine

Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine was quite unlike US/NATO’s 20 years of wars of aggression, which illegally and with impunity targeted cities, towns and civilians in their bombing of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan. Western media and governments supporting US/NATO’s genocidal wars seem to have forgotten this.

Attacks, massacres & toreture by Ukraine’s right sector facists/military & police forces

Although our government has followed the US/NATO line that Russia’s “brutal invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked,” it is simply not true, as recent history documented above and below show. This is also well documented in the Schiller Institute report.

The Korsun Massacre, April 2014

There have been appalling atrocities in Ukraine after the US-orchestrated coup in Kiev in February 2014, not condemned or even reported in Western countries and their mainstream media. The first was the Korsun Massacre, which occurred on the day of the coup in Kiev. People from Crimea who took part in demonstrations against the coup were returning to Crimea in 8 buses. Near Korsun, the convoy was attacked with shootings and Molotov cocktails by armed thugs of the Right Sector, Kristina Khalova reports. “The captured buses were burnt, passengers were forced to kneel on broken glass and sing the national anthem, “Glory to the Heroes.” Those who were not murdered were held for 9 hours then released. The massacre became the catalyst that aroused Crimeans to defend themselves and begin the reunification process of Crimea with Russia.

Atrocity in Odessa, May 2014: “Slava Ukraini” chanted as people burnt to death

May 2, 2022 was the 8th anniversary of the Odessa massacre. It’s interesting to note that this May 2, Odessa authorities banned their citizens from going outdoors for several hours so they could not attend memorial services for those so cruelly slaughtered in May 2014. Curfew for Anniversary of Odessa Massacre That Sparked Rebellion At least 46 people were murdered and many more unaccounted for when pro-Russian sympathisers were locked into the trade-union building by Right Sector nationalists, and neo-Nazi fascists before it was set on fire. Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge The fascists were chantingSlava Ukraini,” that is “Glory to Ukraine,” as people burnt to death. In May 2014 Human Rights Watch called for an investigation , but it has yet to happen. The perpetrators have expanded their influence, and fight today for Kiev.

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine supported by US/NATO countries

The Soviet Union and Western allies fought to stop Nazi Germany’s invasions in World War 2. It’s horrifying that there’s now support from the US, UK/ NATO allies, for a racist, cruel fascist/neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine. Russia played the main role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War 2, with 27 million people dying as a consequence. The Soviet Union had faced two thirds of the forces of Nazi Germany’s military and suffered greatly as a result.

Zaporizhzie nuclear plant (ZNPP) attacked by Kiev

The western narrative that Russia is attacking Ukraine’s Zaporizhzia nuclear plant doesn’t make sense. Russian forces captured the plant to ensure its safe operation after the buildings were set ablaze by saboteurs. See Ukraine’s Dirty Nukes & Weapons of Mass Destruction by Nauman Sadiq .

Treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons states

Article 1: Each nuclear-weapon State Party to the Treaty undertakes not to transfer to any recipient whatsoever nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or control over such weapons or explosive devices directly, or indirectly; and not in any way to assist, encourage, or induce any non-nuclear-weapon State to manufacture or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices, or control over such weapons or explosive devices.

New risks with US ‘mini-nukes’ for nuclear ‘first strike’

New nuclear risks arise in America deploying their new B61–12 “mini-nuke,” replacing the previous B61 nuclear bombs, currently deployed by the US at Aviano and Ghedi airbases in Italy. In August 2022 Dr Manlio Dinucci explained that this new type of weapon “has a nuclear warhead with four power options, selectable depending on the target to be destroyed. It is not dropped vertically, but at a distance from the target on which it is directed, guided by a satellite system. It can penetrate underground, exploding deep to destroy command center bunkers in a nuclear first strike.” He goes on to say “The B61–12s are classified as “non-strategic nuclear weapons,” but are deployed in Europe, in Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain at distances close enough to strike Russia. They thus have offensive capabilities similar to those of strategic weapons.”

Are US mini-nukes in EU more ‘useable, low yield, harmless’?

Professor Chossudovsky’s article: Pre-emptive Nuclear War & the Historic Battle for Peace & Democracy, reports that the B61–12 Mini-nukes are aimed at Russia and the Middle East. These bombs are portrayed by America as a ‘more usable, ‘low yield,’ ‘humanitarian bomb,’ ‘‘harmless to civilians.’ “The reality is Mutual Assured Destruction.” The new B61–12 has a maximum yield of 50 kilotons, more than three times that of the Hiroshima bomb (15 kilotons), 35 which resulted in over 100,000 deaths in a matter of minutes. If a preemptive attack using a so-called mini-nuke were to succeed, targeted against Russia or Iran, this could potentially lead humanity into a WW III scenario.

In 2019, David Swanson American author, working with World Beyond War, published an article explaining more — The Myths, the Silence, and the Propaganda That Keep Nuclear Weapons in Existence — Let’s Try Democracy: “This week, 74 years ago, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were each hit with a single nuclear bomb that had the power of a third to a half of what America’s Nuclear Posture Review calls a low yield or “usable” nuclear weapon. These so called “usable” nukes are for firing from submarines based nearby here. They are two to three times the size of what destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the U.S. military’s plans involve using multiple nukes at once. But they really are tiny compared to other nuclear weapons the United States and other nations have ready just in case some unfortunate scenario makes completely annihilating our and other species the wisest course of action.

Some U.S. nukes are 1,000 times what was used to vaporize Japanese populations. Each submarine can launch 5,000 times what was dropped on Hiroshima. But the claim has been that the submarines are for so-called deterrence. Putting so-called small nukes on them and calling those “usable,” drops the pretense of deterrence in favor of openly embracing the madness of initiating an exchange of nukes likely to kill us all directly or through creation of a nuclear winter.”

These are increasingly alarming violations of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), with non-nuclear states, including Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey. These hold America’s B61 nuclear bombs, soon to be replaced by the new B61–12 “mini-nuke” bombs. Aotearoa should condemn America and NATO countries serious violations of the NPT, especially America promoting the idea that “mini nukes” are “useable.” For America to be promoting the “new” nuclear bombs as “useable,” is shocking.

Conclusion–Independent foreign policy supporting UN charter & international law vital for global security

“What the West promotes is an international order based on the ‘law of the strongest’.” * Jacques Baud, distinguished geopolitical analyst, former Swiss Army intelligence officer and UN expert said this in May 2022. In other words, the “rules-based order” our allies refer to is in reality their rule of “might makes right”.

People’s right to self determination lawful in UN Charter

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Our US/NATO allies also showed lack of good intelligence by ignoring Russia’s legitimate, existential security concerns expressed in its treaties to American and NATO of December 2021. They also ignored the 8 years suffering of ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s war on its civilians. No wonder the republics voted to accede to Russia in the referendums. Why would anyone want to continue to be persecuted and killed by Ukraine’s regime with its neo-Nazi, extreme nationalist-infused military and police and security forces? These are compelling reasons why the Donbass republics voted overwhelmingly for accession to Russia. While Western countries assert that they will not recognize the referendums, they might gain some credibility by supporting UN-mandated referenda to provide a safe path for resolving the situation without further conflict.

America’s ‘useable mini’ nukes

America’s promotion of the insane idea that new US “mini-nukes” now being deployed to the UK and Europe are “useable,” is alarming. Yet our government is unaware and few people know about it in Aotearoa/New Zealand, in America or around the world. Our mainstream media is oblivious, acting as loudspeakers for the latest allegation about Russia’s “atrocities” coming from the white supremacist Kiev regime and its Western allies. They have become lawless, anti-democratic judge/jury and executioners, heedlessly promoting nuclear war. Absence of the due process of law is shameful, in the Western world’s allegations against Russia of atrocities in Ukraine, with ‘sentence before evidence’ becoming the norm. Let’s not forget that the US/NATO devastating wars, destroying many countries this century, were based on false pretexts. Will US/NATO/Kiev deceptions bring nuclear annihilation to the entire world?

False allegations against Russia & Torture of journalist Assange

An example of false allegations against Russia is the “Bucha massacre,” loudly blamed on Russian forces by Kiev and its allies without real evidence. Journalist, Finian Cunningham, wrote in April 2022: It was reported that the Azov Battalion entered Bucha and locations quickly after Russian forces pulled out. Azov fighters were openly vowing to carry out ‘cleansing operations,’ a grim reference to dealing with people deemed to have collaborated with the Russian military during their brief occupation. The big difference now, however, is that Western propaganda has near-total dominance as critical, independent sources have been silenced or blackballed. The criminalization of independent journalism, as the persecution of Julian Assange prefigured, is now bearing evil fruit.“

West’s censoring media omits origins of Ukraine crisis

Because our unquestioning mainstream Western media tell the story the US/NATO block wants told, most people in Western countries are ignorant of the dangers of mini-nukes on Russia’s border as well as Kiev’s 8-year-long persecution and atrocities against ethnic Russia civilians in the Donbass and other regions. UN reports cover some of the killing and misery inflicted by the Kiev regime since 2014, reported in the section on Ukraine’s Right sector on p 15 and refs 66–68.



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